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Annual General Meeting 2018.

The 30th AGM was held on October 18th 2018 HALS, County Hall, Hertford at the invitation of the County Archivist, Chris Bennett and his staff. The meeting was followed by a brief tour of the Store Rooms, Conservation Studio and Archive Reading Room. A celebration tea and cake concluded the afternoon. The Museums Development Officer, Claire Walsh was thanked for her support of the HHF.

The need for a county based fund and the HHF launch 1988 was described. In 30 years, 80 grants have been made which have included paintings, ceramics, coins, statuettes and two major Roman burial hoards. The largest and probably the greatest achievement was in 1992. The Panshanger Archive on long loan to Hertfordshire Archives was for sale by a member of the family and valued at c£1million. The second appeal was for the Delme-Radcliffe Archive in 2009. The family that had owned Hitchin Priory since the Reformation loaned the collection to Hertfordshire Archives but wished to sell. £150,000.00 was the agreed value. In each case, the HHF as a charity, was able to channel monies raised through its account to enable the acquisitions to be made in lieu of tax.

Roman burial goods

A celebratory cake for 30 years of the Hertfordshire Heritage Fund.

The 2017 AGM was held at Reveley Lodge, Bushey on October 23rd at the invitation of the Trustees. The attractive 19th century Grade II house was bequeathed to Bushey Museum by Mrs Eila Chewett in 2003. A tour of the house and tea followed the meeting.

The Financial report and accounts were presented and recorded a total of £105,396,27 as at March 31st 2017. Mrs Goldsmith was thanked for her Inspection of the accounts.

Three HHF grants have been made to museums in 2017/2018.
Dieppe, by William Ratcliffe c1913. This is an evocative scene of a French town. The artist lived in Dieppe although he spent much of his life in Letchworth Garden City. The grant to the North Hertfordshire Museum, Hitchin was £950.00 (cost £1,900.00).
Roman Hoard from Therfield, near Royston. A highly important collection of Romano-British funerary artefacts found by metal detector. The grant to North Hertfordshire Museum, Hitchin was £3,120.00 (cost £62.350.00.) Conservation work on a 19th century sampler worked by Eliza Tabitha Carr in 1865 aged 15. The grant to The British Schools Museum, Hitchin £176.00 (cost £880.00)

Each application is looked at on its own merits, its significance to Hertfordshire and its provenance. Auctions are more difficult to value but there have been successes and losses. Guide Lines for Applicants are issued to all museum curators.

A web site has been created and an email: Data Protection (DGRP) has been addressed and all HHF supporters have been informed.

The Trustees are grateful to our patrons, supporters and donors for making funds available for many years to come, so thank you.